Cosmetic dentist in East Flatbush

Cosmetic Dentist in East Flatbush

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Veneers in East Flatbush

Slender porcelain shells designed to look like your natural teeth are placed over the fronts of the ones that are aesthetically imperfect, thereby providing you with a greatly improved smile. That’s how simple veneers are. At Glenwood Dental Associates, you can depend on the attentive, detail-oriented cosmetic care that boosts your confidence, your self-esteem, and the way others see you.

Some of the more common reasons why you may want to come in and see our cosmetic dentist in East Flatbush are wide gaps between your teeth, chips, discolored teeth, and misshapen or crooked teeth. However, there are few problems that you have that could not be solved with veneers. The process begins when you come in for a consultation and to be examined by our cosmetic dentist in East Flatbush. Discuss your goals and make sure that your teeth and gums are strong enough for veneers to be effective. If so, the first step is the taking of impressions. Your new veneers will be made expertly at the dental lab, following those impressions as a guideline for optimal accuracy. You will then come back so that they can be fitted. If any adjustments are necessary, they will be taken care of before the veneers are bonded to your teeth. A small amount of material is filed from the fronts of your teeth getting veneers so that all of your teeth are even and there is no protrusion caused by the veneers. The visual effect is as if all of your teeth magically were repaired. And with a lifespan for veneers of about 10 to 15 years (or longer), you’ll be able to enjoy a long time with a smile that makes you proud to show off.

Why settle for teeth that do not look satisfactory? Contact our office right now to arrange a time to come in for your first appointment with our cosmetic dentist in East Flatbush.

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